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Karo Sambhav


Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd.

Project Date

July 2017

Project Details:

Karo Sambhav School Programme

Karo Sambhav is an e-waste Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) based in Gurgaon, India. Founded by Mr Pranshu Singhal, the main aim of Karo Sambhav is to help resolve the E-waste challenge in India by building a sound economical and sustainable environmental ecosystem.

“Karo Sambhav” – which in Hindi translates to “Make it Possible” – is one of India’s largest producer responsibility organizations. It designs and implements Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes for leading companies such as Apple, Dell, Xiaomi, and HP to name a few.

Karo Sambhav has brought together industry associations, municipal corporations, NGOs, informal sector waste-pickers, collectors, aggregators, and responsible recyclers.

The Karo Sambhav School Programme aims at creating awareness on critical environmental issues and inspiring students to adopt preventive environmental strategies in their daily lives. It is designed in alignment with the State Education Departments, and the State Pollution Control Boards, and is also meant to be an enabler for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘Smart Cities’.

This programme was launched across India in the year 2017, and is conducted over a span of 6 months. In Kolkata, ArtsForward was a strategic partner to Karo Sambhav. In two years ArtsForward has helped gather 25 prominent schools, over 50 teachers and scores of school students across the state of West Bengal under this programme.

Every school was given a toolkit to complete, which entailed several activities related to relevant and important environmental issues. This sought enthusiastic participation from school students in the form of Rally’s, Plays, Songs, Poems, Dance Performances, Art and Craft and also encouraged great conversations and debate among them.

This community is one that is continuously growing and expanding, and till now, has been able to engage 1000+ schools and over 4000 teachers. This programme has given children to have an opportunity to work on solving environmental strategies of today by understanding the complex relationship between the way we choose to live our lives and the choices which we make.

Karo Sambhav School Programme

Karo Sambhav Season 2

Karo Sambhav School Programme 2019-20, Kolkata

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