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Dec 2013

Highlights from Season 1

Project Details

In their continuing endeavour to engage youth to inspire sustainable lifestyles, Microsoft Devices and GIZ in association with Artsforward presented the Microsoft Create to Inspire Fellowship program: A first-of-its-kind program in the city of Kolkata that brought together the creativity of the youth and engaged them in various art forms to create campaigns on sustainable living. In its first season the Fellowship engaged with more than 70 Fellows from the youth of the city and created various theatre pieces, a music CD with original music, several art installations etc. The Kolkata Fellowship in its 2nd Season focused on the themes of solid waste and e-waste management. The 2ndSeason launched in association with GIZ-IGEP in March 2015, the program saw over 40 young groups as applicants, from whom 9 groups were selected as Fellows through a series of rigorous interviews, orientations and creative pitches. The selected fellows were mentored by a renowned art mentor and an environmental expert over a period of three months, to create exciting communication pieces using dance, theatre, film, photography, audio story and art installations. The fellowship offered the fellows an opportunity to understand issues affecting Kolkata’s improper disposal of solid and e-waste and spark conversations on the issues through the medium of creative arts. The fellowship also gave the fellows a platform to practice leadership by creating an environmental movement using performances and action projects. The fellows organized student engagement activities, street play, dance performance, a parade, poetry and story reading sessions, art installations, film screenings on the theme of solid waste and ewaste management at various university campuses across the city.

Highlights from Season 2

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