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Art Alone Together

Art in the times of CoVID

At a time when time is no longer a luxury but our freedom is. At a time when our futures are uncertain, our livelihoods at stake and our lives alone and in isolation. At a time when everyone is creating in the corners of their homes. At a time when all artists are trying to perform the real, trying to keep their audiences engaged and minds sane. At the same very time we realise we can be together connected through our art and by supporting artists who are keeping us entertained and happy.

Alone and yet together in art !


The idea of ArtAloneTogether came about on Mar 16 after Paramita(Co-director Artsforward) stayed home the whole day listening to pandemic news and hushed rumours about an imminent lockdown. Paramita says, ‘I thought art was a good way to stay connected in some way in these unsettling and uncertain times. The Instagram page @artalonetogether slowly found shape with works being shared by artists, art lovers, people at large as we kept sharing creative prompts. Very grateful to see the efforts put in by everyone to write, perform, collaborate, and create and share their work so generously with us. @artalonetogether is up there as a quiet document of sorts of how people have been thinking and functioning through the lockdown.’


What is #AAT?

#aat stands for Artalonetogether: an am-pm online mixed art festival, first one of its kind in India curated by Artsforward and Smoke Inc. At a time when artists are facing loss of work opportunities and an uncertain future for gig-culture, this is a step in the direction of making the joy of imaginative and live curated artistic experience available to the audience in the comfort and safety of their homes. The festival collaborates with artists/organisations/collectives to celebrate a particular art form every hour of the day from 8 am to 11 pm barring a few afternoon hours. The audience can buy a ticket to their favourite artist/hour making possible earnings for the artists for their performances and showcases.

How can you attend #AAT?

The festival would bring together spoken word, music, dance, theatre, conversations and showcases all on one platform all in the span of 12 hours. Tickets for each hour would be sold at Rs 200 per seat on Zoom (Webinar version with 100 seats). Once you pay for the ticket on our payment gateway, we would share with you the Zoom link for access to the show !

The first event of #aat happened on 7th June with a curated list of artists from India and Pakistan.

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