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It happens in Europe and US and closer home, in Mumbai and Bangalore. And we are talking about the pub quiz— an affair designed to tickle grey cells over a drink which is basically answering questions asked by a host between music breaks. Artsforward designed this pub quiz property for Teachers where the host brings along questions, on subjects ranging from geography, current affairs, history and music, with special focus on brand Teachers and its exciting and legendary history. Getting the teams, read tables, cracking with answers, while the white board flashes scores after every round. The quiz gets complete with rapid-fire rounds with loads of freebies, from Can Do cartons, Teachers Origin bottle to the entire liquor and food billing on the house for the winning table. The property ran at Someplace Else at The Park for 3 months on every Thursday followed by editions at leading clubs in Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, North East etc.

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